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European Economic Community

This legislation does not contain a total regulation of the type. In Germany, the rate will be received in the 1980s, calling it "Sole Society Foundation", this in order to prevent the use of nominees. Italy, meanwhile, in 1994, included in its civil code the single-member limited liability company, formed by a unilateral act of will, "art. 2475 et seq." Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg laws allow company formation liability Unipersonales limited. Continue to learn more with: Discovery Communications. Comparative law in Latin America. In Latin America, find Colombia to support the sole proprietorship, Law No. 222 of December 21, 1995, effective as of June 21, 1996, by which reforms were introduced to the commercial code of that country, in corporate. In Articles 71 to 81, establishing a sole proprietorship and defines it as a type of organization through which a natural person or legal entity that is eligible to engage in commerce, you can use part of its assets to carry out one or various activities of a commercial nature.

The sole proprietorship, once registered in the register of commerce, constitutes a separate legal entity from its owner. The sole proprietorship must be created by written documents, which must be entered the name or company name followed by the expression of his sole proprietorship or symbol EU, failing which the employer responds ilimitadamente.Es notable legal development Reference topic in our market common in the Southern Cone (Mercosur), is far from following the European example, with the disadvantages that this entails. As we have seen, the European Economic Community, mindful of the directive 89/667/EEC of 21 December, community structure at the formation of sole proprietorships, which does not happen with Latin American countries, except the case of Colombia , to which we referred earlier.