European Unin

Integration facilitates the interchange of goods and services thus is clear that the existence of the right of integration must be stimulated to improve the market which as much lack it does in the Peruvian right. The right of integration is of much utility for conformacin of econmicos blocks conformed by several states like for example the European Unin and the Andean Pact, thus is clear that if a jurist est to da with the right of integration is not clear that est condemned the failure. Adems we must have present that not always integration happens between states but tambin within a state consequently exists two types or classes of integration that are: first: the integration inwards, that is integration within a state; and secondly, the integration outside of a state, that is integration between different or diverse states, being but well-known ltima of these two types of integration, within the right of the integration that is the one that studies integrations of the territories, but slo does not exist econmica integration, but slo constitutes this a type or form of integration. The right of integration is quite ample thus is clear that they exist books dedicated slo to the study of this branch of the pblico right, thus is clear that we must be to da with the ltimos advances of the right, well-known by many like jurdica science, nevertheless, is clear that for some jurists the right is not science, which is necessary to consider for a better knowledge of the subject. Integration tambin can happen within a company or between companies, which it is known like enterprise integration; and the other that is the state integration that is the one that occupies in these lneas or artculo jurdico or interdisciplinary, well-known tambin like integration of nations or pases and that by the way is studied by the right of integration. .