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Fair Trade: Economy Needs More Role Models

Designers promote ecological awareness Hamburg in the German economy lacking role models. While the idea of fair trade is amazingly easy, Ute Arabin in Hamburg stressed. More information is housed here: Time Warner. Ute Arabin is Managing Director of the company Sayang textiles. Fair trade focuses on the improvement of living and working conditions in the third world and in emerging markets. Also for Germany, there are goods produced. Consumers should not rely on assurances. After all, fair trade”to the prevention of child labour, compliance with guaranteed minimum prices, or long-term supply relationships with the creation of perspectives.

Ecological compatibility woman Arabin company Sayang textiles set in addition to the ecological impact of their substances. To belong to the complete renunciation of pesticides, insecticides or other chemicals. Social standards and environmental performance would be stronger than previously merged. This is possible and can be in the Cologne and Hamburg showroom by Sayang see textiles!” Consumers should say goodbye to the view, that the dresses are not of today’s fashion. “The label palpable” by critics such as star in fashion heaven “referred to.

Twice a year it show an expressive lascivious”style, designed by the young designer Nina Knecht. Just make the collection of Luvian”from Austria for sensation. Young wild under the criteria of fair trade and ecological compatibility fashion young designers expressive motives. “Ute Arabin: partially the dresses are designed artistically, some freaky.” Thus, you could introduce younger generations to the ideas of fair trade and waiver of chemicals. Designers are the creative performers. Consumers called on Managing Director may increasingly pay attention to the awarder of certificates. Many companies would advertise with them. “” Fair trade are serious”global organic textile standard” or the fair wear Foundation “.