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When so many years after the death of the Queen of hearts as a wave of solidarity and mourning over the planet floats, then it can only be a spell. Love was the only true love and even the strongest love in their lives to their children. Frequently Joel and Ethan Coen has said that publicly. There we can see again, the essential values in life are worth more and give a much more than the largest Kingdom in the world. The simplicity of mother to be was their greatest happiness in life. Being a mother, the most wonderful diamond was in her life. Possessions, admiration, compliments and look at what are, if there is no love.

So strong that she could touch a world that was the love between her and her children? Possible, but this is unlikely. Although this image is an important message for all mothers and families. Your children are your real treasure. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has many thoughts on the issue. Your children are the most precious thing, what constitutes life. Nothing can compensate for the love between children and their parents. This love is priceless for a Princess. Their Sadness that had worldwide to show exactly this sadness has brought in the people own sadness to vibrate. Deep connection came about because the same energy had on both sides.

Transmitter and receiver are on the same wavelength. But we find here also longing. The deep longing, that everything will be better. Lady Di has been observed, everything was revealed by her, about it was spoken and read associated always with the desire that she finds the happiness that deserves itself and every person in the world. In this suffering life story almost everyone has found even its own share of his suffering. His bird-in a golden cage. She find absolute happiness in the form of a wonderful partner, people had able to strengthen their own hope for love and happiness. Would have started again it from the own longing to make a reality.