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Fashion Business

Backless shoes (such as sabots), athletic shoes: running shoes, sneakers or trekking boots. Any shoe with a transparent top-type sandals. The sharp scent of aftershave, perfume or toilet water. Many people suffer from allergies to such smells. Be careful: the smaller the perfume – better. Better use of quality soap, wash and J.

In addition, some interviewers are impressionable scents evoke emotion, memories and distracting case. Use for mouth freshener, before entering the study. Not one candidate was rejected because of bad breath … belt and shoes that do not meet each other in a style and color. For men and something else must be from the skin.

The color can be anything, provided that he is black. Jeans and shorts. Also podsevshie pants, from which you grew up … Labels, labels and stickers that you do not have time to clean with a new costume (and sometimes is!), But if you did not come get to the circus. Also visible labels of the manufacturer (if you're not advertising their agent). Do not forget to remove the zigzag, which is sewn up pockets of new clothes. Chewing gum can only be in your pocket, not in your mouth. Included mobile phone. You can even sleep with a mobile phone? We'll have to make myself … coffee in the cup or water bottle. Beer – it is possible. But it will have to drink up already outside of this office … Nenachischennye shoes … Some add-ons for women: Too short skirts. The skirt should cover your thighs when you sit and do not distract the interviewer. A minimum of jewelry. Diamonds – girls best friend but not a job. No dangling earrings adorned with bracelets of hands! Underwear, which can be seen around. Shorts tight. Blouses or shirts with a deep cut or too short. You should not show their belly and the folds of the abdomen, this is fashion for teenage girls. I hope you are out of this age? Once again on the underwear and lowered his trousers. Make sure that the naked body you'll only face and hands … Classic against "fashion". Do not wait until wardrobe surprise you with its contents. Plan, that you will put on a few days before the interview. Then you will have enough time left to buy more missing or something to put in order, that is. Remember that the interviewer should listen to what you say, but not wonder how you look … classic, tailored clothes – the best investment in your future than any newfangled outfit. He will serve you for years, but fashion is so fast. If you are in the locker room there is at least a classic costume, you're always ready for an interview, and therefore the new proposals. Your idea of fashion could not match up with the concept of fashion to your interviewer. Moreover, almost certainly does, because most likely, the interviewer: a) male and b) above you) has a different status, income and interests. What you wear to work and what you wear in everyday life or on holiday – must be radically different. And that's fine. One and the other Clothing should not be mixed up in your closet.