Financial Injection

The policy loan offers the ability quickly to get money and not to lose the insurance protection. Who has completed a life insurance policy, which is planning his pension so basically. However, no withdrawal in question comes during the term, because the runtime must wait before the insured amount will be charged. If you need a bailout but now in between times, for example, to buy a new car or to make repairs / redecoration at the House or in the apartment, then nothing can be started with the life insurance. Believe it! But not so that you can terminate his life insurance money and use the buy-back value of the financial emergency. However there is then no life insurance and the buy-back value is not high, so there is no return.

Better, it would be as if the offer is perceived and it would mortgage life insurance. This is a policy loan, where the life insurance policy as collateral and repayment module is. The Clou: here no high rates of credit to the lender (beleihendes company) be paid, but the “normal” standard life insurance contribution in form of monthly / quarterly / half-yearly or annual payments. After expiration of the term of the life insurance you would normally get the insurance sum paid. Now, the loan, the interest and the fees for the borrowing of life insurance will be deducted will however first of all taken and only the remaining amount to the policyholder and borrowers paid off. Which situation is different, if you would like to sell his life insurance money, because then no amounts will be paid out after expiration of the term, because it has entirely ceded them or sold. Even if the amount is higher than the retail price for this life insurance, the policy is completely cashed by the lender. The insurance coverage remains at run time, for example, in the case of death, exist. Kathrin Musch