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Finding Your Way

It does not matter where you are, nor how you are, it matters towards where you go. If you have found your way, if you are doing what really you like, if you enjoy what beams frequently, if you feel to taste with same you and an inner peace surrounds your spirit because you know that what beams fills of complete satisfaction and the best thing to you, than doing what let you know that it waits for to you a promising future then I congratulate to you! you belong to the previligiado and small group of people who are enjoying their way the success. But it is not thus, if still you feel that you are not doing what truly you would like, if what beams, it beams by obligation, by routine, because you must do it, because then there are suggestions here that can help to find that way you and to develop your potential: It spends time to discover the things that you know to do well and that you enjoy to do them. Which are your strongpoints? Why you are good? What is what better you know to do? As they are your likings and to which you dedicate the major part of your time? Conocerce to itself is vital well, you were born to prevail for being a successful person and is worth the trouble that cheers a happy life doing something fills that you of satisfaction and you can help others to obtain it, but first begins by you. Especializate in that area. Once there are shortage your strengths, it works in what you like until you get to dominate it of such form that you become an expert or expert. Often it implies to change of profession, to change of work, remembers that what you learn is so important and how you are going to use that knowledge to your favor. Glenn Dubin, New York City may find this interesting as well. .