For Locoste

form, to understand the man and its relation with the environment and, over all, to make a perceivable analysis of the individual, through the knowledge with the subjective world of each human being. (P. 150-151) 2.2 – New geography in a fenomenolgica perspective to understand the individual in the lived space placed in center of the analysis the place, because it is in the place more than in the space that if the existence of rela relates and the lived experience. From this perspective, the regional studies had started to conceive the man with its cultural values. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gavin Baker. (152-155) 2.3 – Fenomenolgica geography had some confrontation with based new geography in the perspective dialectics of the marxism contributed Geographic science sufficiently, opening a way to reflect the society politically, inhaling in many marxist gegrafos if to interest for the social problems and analysis of the capitalist world to criticize the inaquality of this system that was reigning. (P. 156-165) 2.4 – For Locoste, when a region measures is relating in a scale, in accordance with the geographic thought the regionalizao agreement is possible to divide the developed world and the underdeveloped world.

(P. 166-173) 3.0 – With the globalization of the economy the world passes for a transformation without precedents, the question of region, space and time are perceivable in different scales in questions of seconds through the medias more modern as television and Internet. From these advances the territory already starts to lose limits and the desterritorializao also occurs due the dynamics of the capitalism in econimia- world, as the ranks of the author. (P. 147-190) 3.1 – We are of the opinion of that the regional global scale, as scales intermediate of analysis as measurement between the singular and the universal one, pose to allow to disclose to the particular espacialidade of the social and global processes … (P. 194)