Frankfurt Bank

caution is! Because in socialist Cuba such adaptors can be used, if privately, without intelligence interest very quickly as a spy are interpreted. A day of observation in blistering heat passes without the Rasmus C. among those that will enter target and leaving persons identified. The night hours are descended. Cool comes up.

The locals appear peu apeu on the streets. Typical for the Caribbean and the West Indies begin the bustle in the evening and night hours. Around 23:00 local time, a male person supported by a will appear coming in the observation area of the detectives second from the target object. The man with the walking difficulties despite a three-day beard “beyond reasonable doubt as Rasmus C. identified. A female person of it certainly could be Celia S. follows the two.

Rasmus C. seems drunk or to be but otherwise physically beaten. He is by his helpful companion”in a 1957-er Ami carrier parked in front of the House of the Cadillac brand shipped. The woman climbs on the back seat and go ride. The company investigators detective Tudor Holder including Hoppe from Frankfurt, follow with their hired LADA cars. Pretty much in the center of the capital, the target vehicle at the branch Banco Central comes to halt de Cuba. The target people get off, then drag in the truest sense of the word Rasmus C. to access of the State Bank closed at this time of course. At the same time, appears an elegantly dressed Cubans at the gate coming from the Bank and opens the door to the financial institution. Detective of Tudor’s employees not Marvel bad, disappear as the three objective people inside the Bank. A result is not to think. The usage Board decides to place hidden outdoor on location to stay, to Rasmus C. on the Cadillac back to take on.