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Great Caracas

Regions: Anzoategui; Aragua; Carabobo; Lara; Miranda; Great Caracas services that CONINPyME offers to businesses: or assistance to the company in quality, productivity and competitiveness: or Integral diagnosis or identification of strengths and weaknesses of the company. or identification of causes real estate in critical areas. Improvement plan of agreement to the Integral diagnosis: establishment of critical areas and priority areas to work in the company. Management alternatives and decision-making. Allocation of resources: human, material, financial, information.

Implementation assistance and advice for the search for the type of funding suitable for implementing the improvement Plan. Information and timely assistance in according to requirements of SMEs in competitive approaches, business opportunities, export, studies, financial advisor. Support for the creation of consortia for export. Advice for detection of business, legal and organizational innovation. Consultants training programme training of consultants and support for the creation of firms acting as agents of managerial change of support to SMEs. System of information and qualification of consultants. Information on supply and demand for consulting services.

Creation of a catalog of business consultants and independent consultants in support of SMEs, which can enroll or consultations via Internet. Seminars and courses for Exchange, dissemination of successful cases and improvement for consultants and entrepreneurs. Benefits for SMEs increase productivity, quality and competitiveness of SMEs, through programmes of cost reduction and streamlining of processes, in aspects such as: savings of raw materials, other supplies and physical space. Waste reduction; reduction of defects, delivery times. Compliance with safety measures and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Satisfaction of requirements of customers and employees. Constitution of consortia for export. Knowledge of the market and competition. Awareness on the implementation of clean, ecological impact technologies.