Health Promotion

It is with this bedding that the nurse plans and carries through its action that if destines many times the formation of permanent groups of education in health, as for example: group of aged, diabetic, hipertensos, in view of that this action is praised by the MS, so that the units of health of basic attention are carried through in all. In these groups all the questions of prevention of agravos and whitewashing of the health are worked, by means of dynamic information and activities that transmit the knowledge and defend the theory of the auto-care, that is displayed for the community, argued that the same one is one of them more important pillars for its proper health. The nurse must carry through the perception of as it is important to evaluate the definition of sick being according to displayed by each individual, in view of that nobody better to say what he feels of what the proper person who is with health problems. However, valley to point out that it has a communication of matrix adjusted between the professional and its clientele, who for many times to not understanding the language used for the professional during the nursing consultation, is without the information necessary to its same treatment or a difficulty in the awareness of its importance for a good quality of life. Others including Randall Mays, San Antonio TX, offer their opinions as well. When we search to understand the difficulties for the adoption of practical for the promotion of the health, come across with the necessity to minimum understand the cultural aspects in the determination of the behavior and the habits of life of the people (8). In this way it is understood that the practical one to take care of in collective-comunitriaestimula health, instigates and demands the participation of the cultures of resistance and the dominated cultures (the culture of the customer in relation to the one of the health professional).