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The three were lawyers; the three were friends and the three had sworn that they knew as none to his city and, above all, the sites where offered the most exquisite delicacies because, truth be told fully, the three had an extraordinary appetite. Certain day Basilio told Starlin and John about his latest discovery in the gastronomic field: some popular restaurant, which could keep him even big this name, located on the outskirts of the city where the most delicious and unique dish of surrounding offered every Sunday at noon: eye stew. This dish was said that he had certain properties suitable to stimulate the virility, strength and good health. Comcast follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Its owner was Petrona, a robust brunette, who had excellent relations with clients, and butchers which served him to buy cold spots, which then sold hot seconds. In the case of raw material for its innovative soup, he managed somehow to monopolize the market for cow eyes. Well it is known that cows in truth have only two eyes and that there were not many which sacrificed by those days in the village, but Lady had always, who knows how, from a good supply to meet daily to hundreds of eager diners who would not remain faithful if each dish does not appear blackish eye of cow next to the abundant cassavathe haughty Pope and the ubiquitous green plantain. To know more about this subject visit Apple Inc.. The day that John arrived with Starlin and Basilio pot smoking and gave off a pleasant scent Creole food. The three asked for the first course and proceeded to devour it in two minutes; When only was somewhat in the background had provided them a new service and after this wine the third. Starlin paused, not because he had satiated, but because it had acalambrado him arm much exercise in the transport of the spoon. His friends, however, not forgave the new ration which was as generous as previous ones.