Hokkaido Sapporo

On the occasion of the meeting of Group of Eight (G8) held in the Japanese city of Okinawa, we develop the communication entitled: “I BILLION FROM 6000”, which reads out on 20 September 2000, which can read the link: this time we noted the importance of the outcome of these events reflected in documents called “communicate”, where members of this group (chiefs or heads of government of Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Britain, and the United States of America), they review the global events, and allow us to infer about the developments of this process of globalization and asymmetric globalization that is accelerating, with the implosion of the experience called “real socialism”, whose emblem was the fall of the Berlin Wall in May 1989.

Mindful that the primary players in this particular center of power, do not speak Spanish, only in notes hipanoparlante world of side issues of these events as “color notes” usually led by the activists of movements “antiglobalization” photos of all those involved, and comments from the news agencies, usually biased by the interests of them. La Cumbre (Summit) of 2000, preceded the events of the Millennium Summit of the United Nations, which adopted the Millennium Development Goals, which are a demonstration of how the United Nations system, begins to implement the objectives of its Charter in 1945, neutralized until 1989, by the course of the aforementioned “Cold War.” As we pointed out in our article of 2000, these summits, make a thorough review of world affairs, discussed the treatment of the issues that have made the various intergovernmental bodies of the United Nations system, and make commitments for the future.. .