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Holistic Dialogue

These communities are based on three main principles: Collaboration .- this is to work together to achieve a common goal. inetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Chiyoda Corporation. Learning to learn .- learning should be applied. Community .- form a unity within diversity. Unlike learning communities in holistic dialogue there is no predetermined goal nor a leader to guide such communication, the purpose is to communicate in a meaningful way, listen to each other, in a process where you must overcome self-centeredness, where nobody has to impress anyone, where there are no powers to impose his own ideas. This is one of the holistic education resources where we can develop humility, cooperation, responsibility, respect and participation among students. Keep in mind that the group is not a personal issue but a cultural, but personal and cultural problems are related. When the dialog is applied to the field of education the results are often extraordinary, genuine values and spirituality shines wake.

CONCLUSIONS holistic education of Ramon Gallegos Nava is the twenty-first century education. Prepares educators for new roles in our society, experiencing a transition of scientific / industrial to a sustainable society. See Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more details and insights. The responsibility for implementing the new educational model because one could say that the darkness in which we've been involved going into a light where you see things more clearly that we gain a level of consciousness, where we care for our environment and the world in which we live. We are in a great change in education is required, but we need this new educational paradigm or model to go away lands gradually implemented in our schools, we form a new group of people committed to live in harmony and interacting with our similar.