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How To Teach Children To Love Reading

Any man can flourish hundred unexpected talents and abilities, if he is simply to provide for this possibility. D. Lessing wholeheartedly agree with this wise saying. How can we as adults want to see our children disclose all of their abilities and talents in the process of learning. When my child starts in school, he enjoyed her visits, and after the lessons are the strength and desire to dance classes and music, drawing and many others. And we, adults, only happy. So, coming to an end instruction at the first stage of education. What will happen with our child in middle school? Lots of new items, and accordingly – increasing training load.

A large number of teachers, each with their own requirements and style of teaching, which means – an increase in psychological stress. Development of skills and talents outside of training activities is reduced to minimum. People such as Jon Matlack would likely agree. Parents, often relying on self-reliance and apparent maturity of children, not always thinking about how, with how many problems facing our children. What do you do? How to find a way out? Let’s look at this on one side only. According to statistics, a list of the top students of any grade are those children who are well read, and therefore they need to prepare homework much less time. It is not reading children are the main problem of education. As a rule, children do not like to read.

For them – a laborious process, consuming a lot of time. Why? The reason – the only in-depth learning how to read. In fact, there are several ways to read, and their application depends on the purpose of reading (scanning the sample). Let’s deal with difficulties in reading, here are their main reasons: Mastering the technique of reading is parallel with the development of memory. Underdevelopment of memory can be confusing in perception, memorizing, storing and playing back prochitannogo.Nedostatki in the development of logical memory mean that baby stores information mechanically, without using logic, semantic or associative techniques zapominaniya.Nedostatki in the development of attention. Attention – the most important quality that characterizes the process of selection relevant information and discarding excess. Hypoplasia of the concentration, selectivity and arbitrariness of attention lead to a malfunction with any kind of informatsii.Nedostatki in speech development and intellectual sphere child. Opportunity to show intelligence is inextricably linked with the possibilities of language. Eva Andersson-Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. All these drawbacks can be eliminated, and then our children have more time and effort will be to develop other skills.

There are schools that are helps to promote a life of unique methods and LL Vasilyeva Quick reading, thinking and enhance the development of memory. On the example of one of these schools, we consider the possibilities. We took a sample to a school in Perm. Rate “Wunderkind” (5-6, 7-9 years) aims to improve the intellectual level of children, high-quality master the technique of reading and to enhance the cognitive processes of visual imagery, visual and auditory memory, attention (Concentration, selectivity, length); speed of visual perception; articulatory apparatus, the speed of thought. Classes are held in the form of training: offers simple and unique types of exercises optimize thought processes and the skills to work with different types of information. Developed a course “First Steps” (from 1 to 4 years), aiming at the development of mental processes and speech. For children 5-8 years old – teaching of reading, improve reading techniques, improve attention and memory, speed of thought. Acquainted with the technique and try out some of the exercises can be on