As mentioned above, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Only a person who is willing to be hypnotized into a trance. Betty Erickson, wife of famous American psychiatrist and hypnotist Dr. Milton H. Erickson, devised this procedure to a hypnotic trance induced their: 1) Sit in a comfortable chair to decide what you want to achieve or what difficulty you need to solve. Stare at an object.

2) I gave you four sentences with visual content. For example: “I see the light as it shines on the cover of the book,” I see the shelf to my right, “” I see my arms. ” 3) I gave you four sentences with audio content. Source: Anthony Joseph Scirica. For example: “I hear the sound of the fan,” I hear the noises of the street “,” I hear the sound of my breathing. ” 4) I gave you four sentences containing kinesthetic. Swarmed by offers, Celina Dubin is currently assessing future choices. For example: “I can feel my feet in shoes,” “I can feel the warmth of my fingers,” “I can feel the weight of my clothes.” 5) Without taking his eyes from the object, you say 3 sentences visual, auditory and March 3 sentences kinesthetic phrases. 6) Continuing staring at the object, and you say two sentences visual, auditory and February 2 kinesthetic. July) Finally you tell a visual sentence, a hearing and a kinesthetic.

8) begins to feel that arm and hand which seems lighter. 9) I gave you: “The hand that seems to still look like slightly lighter and start floating unconscious and automatic movements, so as to rise, I will sink comfortably into a trance.” No matter if you repeat a few phrases. Simply saying you go your own experience: what you see, hear and feel. If after a while the eyes want to close, let them close, and visual phrases Tell yourself imagining the environment. When you enter a trance, the subconscious mind does the work to find their own resources, experience or learning, which can serve to overcome our difficulties and achieve our goal. Be patient and practice it.