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In-service Qualification

Next preparation course ‘Leadership for bad companies’ launches in April 2013 with the qualification to the executives for bad companies”allows the BSA Academy twice in the year, optimally on the examination to the marked Master of bad businesses”to prepare. David Zaslav: the source for more info. With the certified and approved course participants embrace not only fit in order to assume a senior activity in a bathroom and the master craftsman to complete successfully. They also have the advantage that they find a professionally designed training concept for the BSA-Akademie, that differs significantly from other providers. The BSA participants benefit from relatively low travel and accommodation costs and low loss of earnings as a result of the combined course system of distance learning and compact presence phases. The advantage of the BSA participants have in addition, is the flexibility of distance learning with individual time classification, including personal care by BSA remote instructors. So, the BSA qualification can be completed part-time and agreed best with professional and personal commitments. When, where, how long the participants decide! Through the combined course system of distance learning and attendance phases, participants can classify themselves individually when, how long and where they learn and adapt to her anytime. Through the compact attendance phases, which include approximately 30 days in blocks of 2-6 days, and the ability to start, at any time with the course, the qualification is part-time possible and consistent as well with professional and personal commitments.

High earnings and long absences are avoided. The State examination and approval of the BSA course through the Centre of distance learning (ZFU), for all participants, the consumption protection and care taken to ensure that the education objective with the course is also to achieve. Fully supervised by experienced education partners In distance learning participants work with didactic specially prepared course material. While the BSA educational materials be developed for distance learning-specific criteria and is based on the know-how, has purchased the BSA Academy based on over 25 years experience, and constantly evolving. Specific support in the distance learning phase, BSA remote instructors are participants for questions or discussion of content by email and phone.

All ten modules at a glance: economics theory of law cooperation in the operation health education technology swimming swimming in theory and practice rescue in theory and practice training head on changes in the market prepared mathematical and scientific foundations his straight against the background, is increasing and that the market for bad companies has changed considerably in recent years and the competition for municipal and private baths, as in other areas such as large hotels, physiotherapy practices and fitness studios bathing landscapes or even stand-alone baths “Catchment have held that it is essential from a pure provider of water for municipal and private baths,” to develop customer-oriented service providers. For this they need qualified employees who promote this development by their know-how and establish bad operation as in the bathroom scene. Here the qualification to the executives for bad companies requires”the BSA-Akademie. In the course of BSA qualifying participants acquire comprehensive knowledge, skills and competences to perform the tasks of a Senior Executive in bad companies. The next preparation course for the master exam starts in April 2013. More info bad businesses and simply call us: + 49 681 6855-0.