Integrated Woman

This work has for objective to extend the perspective on the importance of the integration balanced of all the pertinent aspects to the feminine one, in the current woman. For such, some basic concepts on Analytical Psychology will be discoursed and developed some reflections concerning the relation it enters the concept of the great Mother and the qualities warlike (Iemanj Ogunt) and materna (Iemanj Aoi) of Iemanj. Thus, this work takes the reflections concerning the feminine one, in intention to emphasize the importance of the recognition and balanced manifestation of the diverse inherent aspects to the feminine energy, bringing of African mythology the figure of Iemanj as myth of integrated woman. It represents Iemanj, goddess of African Mythology, a myth of integrated woman? We observe, in the modern world, a feminine behavior each distorted time more, competitive, rational and analytical. Many times incoherent with the expression of the feminine one, this behavior is presented under a exacerbada form of masculine attitudes and discloses the challenge of the women in the modern world: To express the feminine energy that it is peculiar, receiving its masculine aspect, in favor of its accomplishment. By the same author: George F. Gunn Jr..

In the present time we testify that it has a pressing necessity of recovery of feminine in the woman When analyzing the question under a Junguiana perspective, we can affirm that the woman brings, since its birth, an energy potential who it is peculiar, consonante with determined arqutipos of Unconscious the Collective one, that goes being molded through the received education. To the measure that the woman if develops, diverse facetas if presents, however, many times, are disclosed distorted in relation to the original potential of the being, which had to inadequate a formal education. To relate the qualities of Iemanj, of African mythology, to the modern woman facilitates the agreement concerning the conflicts between the attitudes feminine and masculine taken for this woman who brings up to date the formative arquetpica memory of the Brazilian people in relation to the subject in question. But, mainly it allows to deepen the study on the relation of the qualities of the goddesses with the aspects of the personality feminine that if reveal to depend on the life circumstances, allowing to the woman a deepening concerning same itself. The problematic one of the Feminine one has accurately the same meant for the psychologists of the culture, who recognize that the threat to the current humanity is based, in great measure, in the unilateral patriarcal development of the masculine mentality, that more is not compensated by the world ‘ ‘ matriarcal’ ‘ of psique. The ideal model of the Deep psychology of the future is the development of the individual until it reaches its psychic totality in which its conscientious one critativamente is joined to the content of its unconscious one. (NEUMAN, 1996).