ITIL Training

Comparative study of flat Academy: systems integrators put professional quality training providers in both survey groups equal high bath users on good services more at an affordable price, Homburg – if resellers choose a training partner for the ITIL training, they take other criteria as the Fortbildungsverantwortlichen in user companies. A comparison survey of Academy among system houses flat as a reseller comes to these results to their project clients and the companies. Although a high level of quality in the ITIL training in the first place of the priority list is for two ruling groups, but otherwise quite different standards be adopted. The system houses in second place, for example, call the most competitive price, while this aspect is called by those responsible in the user companies only to fifth and penultimate place. Also in assessing service levels for the training a great discrepancy exists. Because while Users attach great importance to and in addition to technical skills, especially high quality of services for participants wishing it looks exactly the opposite way at the resellers. For them, this theme has only a secondary importance, as the width of the ITIL training portfolio.

The prominence of its market and its size is more important them, while the companies in turn more evaluate the variety of training than the size of the provider. The market reputation of potential training partners, however, plays the same role for both survey groups and three of the decision criteria is ranked on position. It is clearly in the nature of things, that service providers focus out from own economic interests on possible cost-efficient training”, rated flat Academy’s Managing Director Michael cross the results. The resellers are also only an intermediary and therefore not even the training in a service obligation. The participants of ITIL training, however, employers pursue also in their training concepts Quality and motivation philosophies, which they attach to a high priority in the selection of offers in addition to the expertise of the quality of service.” Results: What is especially important to you if you select offerings of ITIL training providers for your customer projects? 1. high professional quality level 2 cheaper price 3 market prominence of the provider 4. size of the 5 high levels of service 6 breadth of training provider (n = 37 systems integrators; Source: Flat Academy; 2009) what is especially important to you if you select offerings of ITIL training providers?