January Religious

1. RELIGIOUS INTOLERNCIA the UMBANDA ON THE PART OF the NEOPENTECOSTAIS OF the UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF the KINGDOM OF Religious Intolerncia GOD is a term that calls the incompreenso, the lack of recognition and respect for one determined religion. It can be attributed as to cause diverse factors as: religious, etnocentristas or simply due to knowledge and information. It fits to the present article to argue the religious intolerncia as fruit of religious divergence, standing out the persecution of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God to the Umbandistas. Currently law 11,635 authenticated in 27 of December of 2007 for the Minister Gilbert Gil and sancionada by President Luis Incio Da Silva, established day 21 of January as the National day of Combat the Religious Intolerncia.

It is pointed as probable cause of the choice for this date, the anniversary of death of the Mother Gilda de Ogum, mother-of-saint that one suffered infarto sudden after to see its atrelados name and image to a news article of the Periodical Universal Leaf of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in an intitled substance ' ' Macumbeiros quacks injure to the pocket and the life of clientes' ' to have its place of fetichism invaded for neopentecostais fidiciary offices. It is known that Brazil is one of the countries richest in ethnic diversities, constituted of a cultural and religious plurality, but that still it possesss an immense difficulty in coexisting the different one. We coexist the preconception, we try profit it, however he is clear that still we participate of the branqueamento of history, in denying, or better, to oppose to accept the presence to it of influences black and of its religions. In what he says respect to the religious cults of matrix afro-Brazilians? the Umbanda in special – the great majority of the people is influenced by the common sense of that the Umbanda is thing of the evil, heathen primitive and.