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Latin America

The possibilities of conflict might be in northeastern Asia, in sub-Saharan Africa or the belt of break Eurasian, all turning in the latter on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the Iranian nuclear arms race and in lower case the conflict in Lebanon. In the northeast of Asia it is evident that we are referring to the inter-Korean conflict and to a lesser degree to the permanent Chinese claim on several islands under Japanese rule and unresolved problem between China and Russia over the Kuril Islands. The Chinese claim on Taiwan believe will be resolved through dialogue. There is a potential for localized wars in sub-Saharan Africa. Thence opera Al Qaeda and the list of non-viable States is long, as well as the conflicts that have therefore extended time which we can well speak of chronic diseases.

It is obvious that the problems go beyond geopolitics, such as drug trafficking, terrorism, climate change or the economic crisis still bubbling, but we have insisted that the world in transition the old conceptions of power must be taken into account. There are global geopolitical problems even in the determination of areas where extreme poverty leads to political instability. Recent events in Tunisia – still inmedibles in his eventual contagion – make us ask ourselves on the fate of the theocracy in power. In Latin America some long-standing border problems do not seem worrisome in terms of military confrontations we know even if they explode – last very little. In terms of duration the Bolivian claim for an outlet to the sea not indicated, even by the Bolivian foible, the possibility of an armed conflict. Reunification is ongoing, as is the case with the BRIC, with interesting invitation to South Africa to join their last meeting or the case of the ISBA (India, South Africa, Brazil) subgroup or matches between Brazil and Turkey on the Iranian nuclear program.