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Light In Homes

Light – one of the components of the interior of our homes. And as an image inside of the rooms of our homes is often a continuation of the inner ego of its owner, then the choice of light sources is be taken seriously. In a well-matched game, the distribution of light and shadows, you can create a unique and decorative home of their dreams, while transforming the space and give it different emotional coloring. Every person buying a house lamp, be it a table lamp or chandelier adorned with crystals, should understand that this product has certain characteristics that can not be combined with its interior. An important characteristic is the illumination. It is measured in lux.

Therefore, when planning the installation of light sources should take into account many factors affect this value. These are the parameters and dimensions of the fixtures, the magnitude of the illuminated space, the type and color of the room surfaces, the reflection of a stretch ceiling. Another important criterion when selecting Lamp – the spectrum emitted by the lamp. Light cool colors, it turns out, from the glow of halogen and fluorescent lamps, the warm yellow – orange light gives ordinary incandescent bulbs. When illuminated space cool color features of objects are highlighted, and our eyes focused on them faster. Warm light, on the contrary, if it is more difficult to focus the mind on the edges of the object and slightly changing the natural color of the surrounding things. More one characteristic to which attention should be paid when selecting the lamp is a directional light.

The flow of radiant energy that emits your lamp can be classified into the following groups: spot, diffuse, direct and reflected. Immediately we can say that the reflected light is the safest for the eyes, and creates a comfortable and balanced coverage. A straight line when the lights are open to the eye sources light, has weaknesses such as contrast-lit and unlit surfaces. To summarize the above, one must understand that the possibilities of light are great. The main thing to take note of all the features and options your lamp, and it is quite possible you will be able to achieve a harmonious lighting your home. A radiant energy will have no adverse effect on your health and comfort.