Wanted information to avert my anxiety, I wanted to nurture my suenosa myths while assimilating the news, looking to and fro, looking at the door yMarujita? … Yeres You? … That was her!, smiled, made the victory sign with his thumb. Gain insight and clarity with Vanessa Marcil. He waved his hands, I shook mine, Come, see the name, And why not enter? – I wondered, changed clothes, washed, donned gloves and hat, ran embraced me, cried, AES Marujita true! … Transplanted Estoy!, Estoy Transplanted! – I said just with the tube in your mouth “That’s true!, AES true,” responded, “we hugged, laughed and cried, it was the 9 pm on October 15, had been 12 hours in the operating room, the white lilies looked at the sky, the fear of sleeping in the lace of those early hours ..

Cuantas epics like this, full of heroes and martyrs, sleep anonymously in the dusty old Olvidoa Divan and No Marujita? … so Migue!, said mientrasa God smiled. When Oct. 15 opened my eyes, do not know if it was night or day, know where I stood, the anesthetic amnesia prevented me from remembering what had happened, there was also struggling to come out of hypnosis and know the reality there he was also fighting.