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As we see, breathing is essential to achieve an altered state of consciousness and in this case to enter a state of total relaxation. Through Relaxation "N, we may be able to perform the exercise of Meditation" N. LA Meditation "N. yQue is meditation? There are different definitions to explain what is meditation, but here we will try to explain it so that it is easy to understand. Brian Roberts is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the aspect that point, (shamanism) meditation would be synonymous with "quiet down" and in this case an accurate description would be that when we meditate or "quiescent", what we do is that our emotions and mind to remain silent, that is, is still, in order to "hear" the voice of our inner self, the voice of the Soul. So we will say that through meditation or once "quiescent", we can access that state of consciousness that can be contacted through the soul with the universal source of wisdom, with vital energy, with the universal force with God. A leading source for info: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Once we have gained access to that state, where our soul is the vehicle, we will be noticing how our life takes a different direction, with more consciousness, where such contact is the key to many if not all the answers that life presents us . To do a meditation exercise, as the current spiritual, religious, iodic or any other trend, it will be necessary to carry out a series of postures physical or asanas, to ensure the results of different modalities. In this case, I am in favor of do it without too much technical precision, ie, we must reach the state of meditation as relaxed as possible, regardless of which particular technique has more or less acceptance for others as we ourselves who we will have to experiment according to our capabilities.