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Minimum Wage

The Aid-accident is the paid benefit to the worker who suffers an accident and is with sequelas that they reduce its capacity of work. To have right to the aid-accident it is necessary that the victim possesss condition of insured for the Social welfare, and, that is diligent employee, doubtful worker or special insurer. Contact information is here: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. It does not have right to this benefit the house servant, the individual contributor and the physician. Valley to remember that for concession of the aid-accident minimum time of contribution is not demanded, but the worker must have quality of insured and to prove the impossibility to continue playing its activities, by means of examination of the medical skill of the Social welfare, generally the concession of the aid-accident is preceded by the aid benefit illness-acidentrio. The aid-accident, by having indemnity character, can be accumulated with other paid benefits for the Social welfare, except retirement. Thus, the benefit leaves of being paid when the worker if retires. The payment of the aid has caused an accident must since the date of the accident or if derive from aid illness, since the date where it ceases the sick pay. The value of the benefit corresponds 50% (cinquenta percent) of the benefit wage that gave origin to the sick pay corrected until the previous month to the one of the beginning of the aid-accident.

However, the value of the aid-accident never can be inferior to the value of the minimum wage, duly warned to infringe the Federal Constitution, that thus says: ' ' No benefit that substitutes the wage of contribution or the income of the work of the insured will have inferior monthly value to the wage mnimo' ' (CF, art. 201, 2). However, the Social welfare, usually, has disregarded the Federal Constitution, in the setting of the minimum value of the aid has especially caused an accident.