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Nervous Venezuela

Elixirs floral of Orchids without reported toxic events. hidroalcoholica solution in drops TO APPLY TOPICALLY. (DIGITOPUNTURA) Realised clinical studies. The floral essences of orchids like natural product, they have reported very good results by integral internacionalist general medicine doctors, in countries like Nervous Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras where they have been applied to patients with digestive upheavals, migraine, migraa, upheavals, arthritis, depression and other sufferings with satisfactory evolution in more of three hundred people. Their results appeared in scientific days in these localities, obtaining excellent prizes and comprising of the works that will appear in the national forum of science and technique in Cuba thus a news article in the Cuban national reporter with the obtained results was realised and presented/displayed. During the fourth month period March-June of 2005, I am applied in 40 smaller children of 14 years that they presented/displayed acute diarrheal disease, floral essences of Bach in topical form applied in Chinese points in order to determine the effectiveness of the floral therapy like another therapeutic option. The favorable evolution observed in the majority of them showed the utility of this treatment to eliminate the manifestations of the acute diarrheal disease in smaller time, and to improve the quality of life of the affected ones. The EDA I predominate in the 7-11 patients years (37.5%).

As far as sex, the feminine one prevailed over the masculine one (57.5 and 42.5%, respectively). The treatment began to be effective to the first applied day of, when 11 (28.5%) underwent improvement, whereas 16 (40.0% obtained) it to 2 days and 13 (32.5%) to the 3. Chapter II. INTRODUCTION Antecedents and present state of the thematic one: Between the most recent fields of study, medical sciences have centered their interest in the medicine bioenergetics, and between her in the one of acupuncture with their variant of digit puntura and the use of the floral essences of Bach.