Open Door

As it was intended to work with a group of 4 year of basic education, with the intention of raising which physical concepts they are boarded in the education of Sciences, were carried through the analysis of some books used for the school. Among analyzed books we detach: (i) Learning always sciences (4 year) of the author Cristina Maria of the Wedge Fields, (II) Pitangu Project: Sciences (3 srie/4 year), (III) Open Door – Sciences (3 srie/4 year) of authors ngela Gil, Sueli Fanizzi. The didactic book used by the children also was, obviously, analyzed. Although the analysis has been superficial, since it was not the focus of this work, was perceived that the books approached many activities involving water and air, in Technological agreement with the PCN that point thematic blocks as Surrounding, Human being, Health, Resources, Land and Universe (BRAZIL, 1997). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dennis Berry. In accordance with this document, the contents must favor the construction of a world vision, that if presents as a whole formed for interrelacionados elements, between which the man, transformation agent. The education of Natural Sciences must relate natural phenomena and objects of the technology, making possible the perception of a world permanently reelaborado, establishing relations between known and the stranger, the parts and all. (BRAZIL, 1997). Soon, they appear strong in didactic, topical books as water, air, energy among others contained in the thematic blocks, that can be worked of form diversified for better agreement of the pupils.

Being thus, in the first chosen activity the subject was ' ' the problem of presso' ' , a content of the physics studied for the mechanic of fluid, that involves the understanding of that the pressure in the interior of a fluid in accordance with increases the increase of the depth. Torricelli enunciates that we live in the deep one of air ocean. The concept on pressure as being the force exerted on an area was involved in this first activity.