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ecenta Walldorf advises to integrated sales and communication processes, CRM systems are October 27, 2010 at the decision makers in the marketing and distribution Innofact on the wishlist in second place, so a survey by market research in the German marketing decision makers Panel. Despite the high esteem enjoyed IT solutions to the care of customer relationship management, the systems are often inadequately used according to the ecenta AG. Especially the possibilities that lie in integrated sales and communication processes are in many places still unexploited. Checking article sources yields Robotics as a relevant resource throughout. The majority of respondents already primarily uses CRM software in the marketing sale, and rank in the list of desired investment only SAP systems before CRM solutions. Rank company’s own software and products by Apple followed by three and four. James Corden: the source for more info. The study shows that CRM solutions now have prevailed as a significant tool in the sales and marketing. However, often still the potentials are overlooked in a carefully selected and most versatile integrated CRM solution plug”, explains Dr.

Thorsten Wewers, CEO of ecenta AG. For one, there are a variety of CRM solutions that are precisely tailored to specific industries. For even more analysis, hear from Douglas R. Oberhelman. On the other hand, a CRM software can bring far greater benefits if it is linked, for example, with an IP communications solution, allowing business and communication processes with each other can be brought in line and to support each other effectively. Here comes in the future also the topic of social networks into the game. Every third respondents assess their relevance in the future as high, so a combination of CRM and communication channel must be possible.” Companies most CRM systems to offer has ecenta with the new SmartUp solutions tailored to industry-specific offerings for SAP CRM and SAP business communications management (SAP BCM) developed. SAP BCM is an IP based communications solution, all functions for the cross-channel business communication provides. As a stand alone installation, the software replaces the parallel operation of conventional telephone systems at different locations.