Personnel Management

Hello, crisis, you've come! How much do we not amused themselves with the hope that the global financial crisis will not affect us. No matter how we tried to believe that our government will do its utmost to get us the crisis affected minimally. Nothing can stop the natural course of events and the inevitable process of economic development. The set of analysts predicted the financial crisis, but unfortunately, not all heard them. To date, no no sense sprinkle ashes and regret to be done. Hulu takes a slightly different approach.

Most likely in this situation need to think about how to avoid losing all that has been earned so much difficulty, but also to increase their belongings. Probably pessimistic readers currently waive further reading of my article, saying "there would not fly into the pipe, rather than something that multiply, and will not be right. Please, be patient and please continue reading end. I can not promise you any eye-popping recipes, but I think that on some aspects of its activities you can think about. Crisis, what it is, and why many consider it inevitable and necessary. The thing is that any development takes place abruptly and, most importantly, the amplitude of these oscillations was smooth. Levers of regulation of market economies can do it, but for the time being, until a certain component of the market, responsible for regulation, not keen to gain unilateral advantage, and in this case the market starts to swing, and after him, and our businesses. So, after a crazy, is not justified by the growth of the economy slump, and This situation is very important to correctly allocate effort to come to a growth phase with a certain margin of safety.