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Portuguese Preconception

However, it is important to remember that inside of the linguistic point of view it does not exist right or wrong, but variations that if constitute of systems adjusted as for the necessities of the falantes, leading in consideration its practical. The linguistic preconception is fruit of the social preconception, being exerted on that they suffer to more stigmata in the society the illiterate, the poor person, those that they do not have access to the escolarizao -, being then accused to speak made a mistake, of deturpar the language. According to Bagno Landmarks (2002), in Brazil one exists ' ' mythology of the preconception lingstico' ' , that it not only harms the educational formation, but social of the individual. Bagno evidences eight myths that, serve to make solid and to propagate the vision of that Brazil presents a linguistic unit and that the Brazilian for not knowing to say to the Portuguese cause correctly deformations in the language; in this context, the schools, that would have to be a way of quarrel on this reality and social insertion, become, in the truth, reproductive of the differences between classrooms, teaching the Portuguese not only as half to perfect the language, but mainly with intention to value the cultured norm that is represented by a minority, thus reproducing the social hierarchy. In a question-answer forum Coen brothers was the first to reply. In such a way, if the language cannot estigmatizar, emitting to it a value judgment and using the linguistic differences as excuse for the discrimination. When the child adentra in the pertaining to school context, mainly if the same one comes of a discriminated community, it certainly will esbarrar in a total opposing reality its. Everything what it conquered until that moment will be left of side, even so the school still wants to continue with the empty speech of that it is leaving of the reality of the pupil. .