Rainer Dechet

and what factors should it be noted are Vienna – venture intermediary provides equity of selected companies in the various industries and projects, but every man for himself must decide itself alone as an investment alternative. The classic minority stake or a high-yield but thus riskier early phase projects up to a stake in a good operation with further expansion steps. Ultimately, it applies to the investor the mix of income, weighing risk and term for an investment project for yourself, so Rainer Dechet, owner of venture intermediary. An example of this is the company of elimed AG, Baden in the Switzerland. This medical service company with a focus on weight reduction-based homeopathic cure with the Sanguinum metabolism, is on the market for 6 years. Due to the permanently growing client demand, it’s time to build more sites in the Switzerland.

Because the CEO Dr. Jurgen Safdar elimed AG However, this expansion path in the form of own resources go wants, he welcomed the participation of interested parties who recognize the opportunity and seizing. The yield is despite the far lower risk, compared to a start up company, is still higher than expected. On the question whether corporate investments are suitable for everyone, says Mr. Dechet, that it already depends on who is behind the investment capital. Which focus it has, but also whether one knows the entrepreneurial risks, thus clearly comes and it understands. An equity participation might also not an alternative to a bank deposit, is also a fundamental criterion. Whether a strategic investor, an asset manager, which invests on behalf of his clients or a privateer, who wants to let his flock graze more manageable and controlled, it depends ultimately also the chemistry between the two future capital partners (note, entrepreneur and investor). All-in-all a not always very easy task, yet the profits for all involved outweighs still.