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EUR 355.000,-, in addition 20 MFHs (apartment buildings) were introduced. The average area This building m was 635 m, and the real estate price amounted to 2.4 million. On the real estate market, real estate agents and private individuals in Munich-Berg am laim offered to m on average EUR 1.000,-17 plots of land with a size tore by 1.230 m and a real estate price per m. (2) the number of sales and prices for Munich-Berg am laim 2010 (the figures for 2011 will be only in the public may 2012 announced): in Munich-Berg am laim was 203 stock apartments, 47 new construction condos, 49 single-family homes, 4 multiple-family dwellings, 2 commercial and 15 land by private and sold real estate agents. The exact location of price of real estate prices for Berg am laim is not the author of the article. The different qualities of the location within the district are the reason. For example, you paid for real estate in a simple residential area (built between. 1960-1979) a price per square meter in Munich-Berg am laim by approx.EUR 2.225,-.

For condominiums in comparatively good places to live, he was Price per square meter in Munich-Berg am laim rather at EUR 2.750,-. The new real estate prices cost in a central residential area of approximately EUR 3.150, – per m, for apartments in good residential real estate price amounted to EUR 3,700, at least per m sq. Mayo clinic shines more light on the discussion. (3) “has a large proportion of green space, also on abundant architectural monuments, which this district a special flair give Munich-Berg am laim. By optimal transport connections, the Centre is very easy to reach. As well as the real estate prices, as well as for condominiums vary elsewhere in Berg am laim. The residential area is crucial,”says Rainer Fischer, owner of the eponymous real estate office on the Red Cross square in Munich Neuhausen Munich-Berg am laim estate agents. Source: (1) Berg am laim / Wikipedia.

(2) real estate rates and price per square meter are the IMV from the statistics program, evaluated by the estate agents Office of Rainer Fischer real estate; (3) values of real estate prices, as well as price per square meter of Berg am laim annual report 2010 the Advisory Committee of Munich. The above facts have been carefully researched, absolute accuracy can not be guaranteed. No liability for the content of the above text and the statements of the article created by the author Rainer Fischer. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. PR contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz 2a 80634 Munich Tel: 089-131320 E-Mail: Web: