Romantic Landhotel Knippschild, Theodor – Ernst-sTr. 3, 59602 Ruthen Kallenbach m, as passionate hosts we forward, together with our team of unforgettable days in the middle of the beautiful Sauerland to give you – hospitality, our highly acclaimed cuisine and a lovely atmosphere. We are very grateful that we could acquire the tools, to pamper you in Germany’s top gastronomy: Klaus Knippschild was among others in Munich in the legendary Eggplant Eckart Witzigmann and in Baiersbronn in the restaurant bar rice on the stove. Wife Annette Knippschild, in the House for the careful service and the organization responsible, restaurant earned her gastronomic Spurs e.g. Samantha Lewes is likely to agree. in the two-star Gala, Aachen, Johann Lafer and the banquet area of Gerd Kafer in Munich. Small touches that don’t cost much, or are even free, make the difference. We have asked our regulars what you love about our hotel. for a simple home page with clearly identifiable “Booking options for not waiting for the telephone bookings for the prepared check in is lost during frequent visits for a competent welcome at the reception for a good book to browse through on the night table for a spa even after 21:00 for a screen in the library to the networking for free access to the Internet for the question, like the day when the come home” at the hotel for a breakfast buffet until 11:00 for a small biscuit on the coffee cup for a Umbrella, when it looks out for attentive but discreet service for a friendly, but not studied smile from the Assistant Manager up to the maid * for parking in front of the hotel. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Carol Los Mansmann and gain more knowledge..