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About our naivety we think that the enemy only comes stops in them bringing illnesses, losses, fight, anger, inimizades, at last, all type of only bad misfortune to confuse ours to walk saint. The enemy can bring something different of this for the Christians? Yes. ' ' Finally, they are fortified in Mr. and its fort to be able. They dress all the armor of God, to be able to be firm against the ambushes of the devil, therefore our fight is not against people, but against them to be able and authorities, the dominadores of this world of darknesses, against the forces spirituals of the evil in the celestial regions. Therefore, they dress all the armor of God, so that they can resist in the bad day and remain inabalveis, after having done tudo.' ' Efsios 6:10 – 13 influences tempting of devil come to attack regions celestial, that is, it makes to pass for angel of light, shows alternative that seems to be good, tame and that he seems that is inside of the limits the holy ghosts, stops deceiving in them and to take account of our attitudes stops taking in them to suffer back in the hell. Either in finances, in the friendships, the attitudes stop with proposals, at last, either in any subject or interest area, the enemy is in evaluating to act and nothing more easy for it of what to attack ours ' ' good fraquezas' ' , what it pleases in them. An exaggerated example: to receive a proposal economic-financier from another person who is completely unknown its, that is to the side of the death, that the husband already also died, as well as the son is not more between us and looks a Christian to transfer to it to all its goods, fruit of an entire life of work.