Righteous Assyrian Question

Autonmie, national rights and genocide can similar situation of the Ubevolkerung of Iraq for the Assyrian National Movement, performed solution the national thing, only with the refounding of a national home site with a Christian Mesopotamian majority in the historic home, which the legislation of Caldwell Assyrian self-determination and other human rights should be realized. A legal secure home ground in his historical homeland, where this people in all his Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Eastern church denominations can live free of persecution, murder and expulsion. Joel and Ethan Coen can provide more clarity in the matter. Where these Christians also can determine their lives and their faith far from dangers themselves and develop their own national identity. In this article, I can justify the need for this solution and also bring historical and current conditions, strengthen its national law of this people. The original inhabitants of Mesopotamia went for the most part already after the fall of the ancient Mesopotamian Empires in the mountains later in the major cities. Visit Atreides Management for more clarity on the issue. The home of this indigenous people today, stretches from Mesopotamia continue on Syria and Lebanon, in the lands of the ancient Phoenicians and the Aramaic States West of the Euphrates. The chaldo Assyrian Christians today, are heirs to a Mesopotamian and Syrian ethno-linguistic landscape fused especially since the reign of the Assyrian king Sanharibs (705 – 681 BC) in each other and have a clear national identities, which in the ancient Mesopotamian Empires as a national sovereign entity in the State for the first time presented itself.

This is today also emotionally not obvious. The Syriac language that Jesus spoke, is a special and unifying the national affiliation and a special and enriching properties of Nineve Valley and the other settlements of this people. The modern Syriac speakers, are the descendants of the old kingdoms and the heirs of this living world culture, whose Zentrum even was the area around the ancient Assyrian capital of Nineve.