River Segre

That coalition opposed by weapons and defeated the Earl Ramon Berenguer III el Grande de Barcelona in 1123 aided by the count of Poitiers. In that period the Catalans came even to besiege Orange (France). Is considered that you between the 11th and 13th centuries are He lived the period more fascinating and mysterious of the middle ages, because the most serious have been then belicamente faced Westerners with the Orientals. These, to defend their land, and the so-called European Crusader Knights by its desire to preserve the Holy places where he lived Jesucristo. To come to the Arnau de Torroja world in the Iberian Peninsula for centuries that he traded with Muslims within the greater tolerance and understanding. Leslie Moonves may find this interesting as well. Calls three book religions coexisted even in regime of equality in the cosmopolitan city of Toledo, and that it was possible by Hebrews intermediaries, that they were more numerous than the Muslims everywhere, though at least in the North of the River Llobregat, they were always very inferior to the indigenous population. He liked not Muslims Christians supposed to islam, because people in this case was paid tribute for their freedom of worship. (Similarly see: Jeff Bewkes).

In the region of Solsona, the pre-Pyrenean area where Arnau de Torroja grew, the Moors had been expelled following the push of the very unjustly forgotten Arnau Mir de Tost, who, following the course of the River Segre, and then of the Noguera Ribagorzana, left free of Muslims throughout the territory up to Barbastro, Huesca. Arnau de Torroja took the name of the champion of Christianity in reconquista, and even more importantly: Adema was the first cavallero catalan in stepping on holy land. However, being so patriotic, high among several children their property, because it was not the idea of a homeland. Arnau de Torroja was son of Ecard-Miro, the noble Lord of Solsona between the 11th and 12th centuries, but not to be his main heir, it was not obliged to take charge of the family estate.