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River Wood

The River Paraba, that divided the Mining Triangle with the Mato Grosso of the South and the north, and the others two rivers of the Mato Grosso of the South. in the regions of chapado of South-TM, and Chapado of Sky, there in the national Park of the Emas, closed reserve of of approximately four hundred a thousand hectares. There therefore in the chapados of the South and the Sky, is born the River Araguaia, that is one of the main tributaries of the Great River Amazon, passing for High Araguaia (waterfall of Mr. Toninho, who makes to remember estuary of the Iguau in format and fall d? water), that it follows for pixoreu, and delimiting with Aragara and Bar of the Gara, this last one populated for diamond goldwashers, in the decade of 50/60, city where in the decade of 40, it started the passages of the river Araguaia, for the comitivas of the sertanistas Vilalobos/Rondon Marshal, and other comitivas, as of the Vice King of India (Cel. Get more background information with materials from Joel and Ethan Coen. Falk), that in the flying record search, it disappeared in the region of the bar of gara, or the French writer, that after to have IDO in a first comitiva in 1946, in another years later also disappeared, in the region of the xavantes. The edges of the Araguaia, the River Wood, and other lesser rivers, hundreds and hundreds of small cities sprout every day, many of which in less of decade it finishes for if transforming into great economic exponent for Brazil, thus it was Altamira-Par, in the decade of 70, or Sinop, in the decade of 90, where it started, and finished for having in its cradle the new king of the soy, with more than four hundred a thousand hectares of planted area of this farming. The cattle one in the front, the farming behind, and with both the necessities of roads, that if they initiate with great perforated some with thousand of kilometers, as a plate that vi in 1976, in the south of the Maranho, ' ' Marab the 1700 soil km batido' ' , and with the progress, it also comes asphalt. .