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Rucker Claims

What are obligations for the tenant, if he returns to the apartment? Hold always and without exception in writing all the details on the return of the apartment, to experience a rude awakening. Later, you can not rely on verbal agreements. Motto: always log facts! There is no obligation of the contract parties perform a joint inspection of the leased property at the end of the rental period. The advantage of a sole inspection by the lessor is that this time has to look at the premises in peace and quiet and a contentious debate must be conducted not with other attendees. The advantage of a common inspection is that the lease parties can immediately negotiate and make decisions on the further processing of claims.

This can prevent any delays, particularly with regard to a subletting. A protocol about the condition of the leased property is created during a joint inspection, a very special importance this to. Such circumstances of the leased property, which find no mention in the log, apply as does not exist and cannot be made valid. Such circumstances which shall be mentioned in the Protocol, considered to be present and may be asserted even if they are in fact undetectable. Creating a log and the repossession of the leased property (key) without joint inspection the assertion of further claims from the rental agreement, in particular due to the alteration or deterioration of the leased property should reserve the landlord is forcing to, as an unconditional withdrawal of the leased property by the courts is understood as recognition of the leased property as contract and usually excludes the assertion of claims due to defects. Claims due to the change in or deterioration of the leased property within six months, counting from Rucker containing the leased. Radebe fit means that the landlord has the opportunity, find out about the State of the leased property to obtain an adequate overview.