Russia Rules Tennis

So where do you start discovering tennis? Estesstvenno by selecting a tennis racket. Indeed, without this tool, the game does not work. For each new player in table tennis important factor is the choice rackets for tennis. Here is everything options. This is a small problem for everyone, because racket should be like a convenient extension of your hand. Table Tennis Bats should be selected Considering his long arms, muscle strength, brush size and style of play. In accordance with these parameters should be chosen racket in shape and thickness of the handle, by weight, as well as the type of surface, that is the strength and size of the rebound of the game surface.

The most common for table tennis racket – so-called rackets with a horizontal grip. Plywood from which manufactures racquets for tennis, usually consists of five to six layers different timber. Speed rebound from the racket depends on how these alternate types of wood. Players who prefer a fast-speed game, with good speed qualities recommend racket with the rapid rebound. But players who prefer strong beats, more suitable for table tennis rackets with a slow rebound. Others including Celina Dubin, New York City, offer their opinions as well. And in order to fit to your liking racket in accordance with the individual characteristics, You can use different kinds of plates on the racket. For a good game you need to know more about the tactics of tennis.

To play the game of table tennis must consciously, to be almost completely sure of his victory. To do this, be sure before the game needs to develop his game tactics. Since in accordance with already become a proverb, and played at least a hand and still win the head. After winning in tennis is the one who thinks game and properly distribute the forces. Some trainers recommend for half an hour before the game started to warm up with a few physical exercises to stretch your body. And then another fifteen minutes to warm up beside the table. Care should be taken to always be correct breathing, and try to stay calm. But rest between sessions better in the prone position, with all the muscles relax and the raised leg above his head. Currently, table tennis is very important ability to precisely coordinate the movement of his body – torso, legs, hands-free and the game, the abdominal muscles. With clear monitoring of the body increases the quality of performed techniques. According to the statistics for one meeting in tennis players perform about 200-300 batting, with the breaking of 800 to 1000 meters distance. And the time between hitting the ball of two players in tennis is approximately equal to 0,2-0,4 seconds. Estesstvenno this is not enough for the professional game, but the first steps in it will be enough. Thrust exercise in any case will make of you good players.