If we will be stimulated in the field of the faith, will desire to search a religion that in them brings the satisfaction and the pleasure to vibrate God through the Divine virtues, such as the tolerance, the respect stops with other religions and forms of cults. If we will be stimulated in the field of the knowledge, will desire to search a study, either religious or scientific deep it of who please in them, bring us it satisfaction and the pleasure to be studying something that stimulates in them to grow in the direction to evolve and thus better to serve God serving to the next one. Then we see that, I stimulate, Desire, Satisfaction and Pleasure, is not only on to the sex and yes to all the directions of the life. Dove-turn is the force summons or the propeller spring that stimulates in them for top, whenever our negative desires drag in them for the deep one of our personal abysses. While the Orix Exu conducts the external state of the called creation of Emptiness, the Orix Dove-turn Conducts the internal state of the called creation of abyss, that is, everything that if opens for inside and that it is hidden in ours I summon, as, the repression of feelings, for example, the restrained love, that if in the origin Love is a feeling The holy ghost, when we do not have the loved object, desvirtuamos this feeling the holy ghost (Love) and starts to internalizar a hatred desmedido for the target of our feeling, the psychic frustration of any desire longed for us, but that we do not conquer, traumas that if they had originated from negative feelings lived deeply by us lodging itself in deepest of ours I summon, where Mrs. of the Abysses only have the access key, therefore the incarnate beings work in the rescue of all or not whose hurt, frustration and repression of a feeling had taken it the interminable falls in its opened personal abysses in its close.