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Sebaceous Gland

It comes from the Greek akme, which means efflorescence, strength, vigor. Giving preferably in puberty or the age of greatest physical development. The old clinic is known named Acne, a series of very different conditions, but which coincide with the presence of little buttons of follicular inflammatory origin or not, who are often just with suppuration, manifesting itself in the face or trunk. Acne refers to a condition of the hair follicles, resulting in an injury of the Sebaceous Gland. If you have read about Leslie Moonves already – you may have come to the same conclusion. According to its causes, the appearance of lesions or its evolution, there are various types of acne;namely: 1 – acne drug induced or artificial, 2 – syphilitic acne, 3 – tuberculous acne, 4 – pinkish acne, 5 – flemoso acne, 6 – acne necrotica, 7 – acne vulgaris, etc. Drug induced acne is characterized by formation of fistulas and follicular nodules produced by chemical irritation of sebaceous glands.

The best-known are the acne bromic and the iodic. Is called artificial acne when it occurs by external agents (those produced by rubbing with brea, paraffin, oil, oil grease, oil); After the impregnation of clothing with such substances, remaining some time on the skin. Acne necrotica, has a size of a pea, pale color, low elevation, accompanied by processes inflammatory and suppurative, preferably located in the forehead and scalp; rarely in the face and chest, which a time become past dry sores, leaving a mark on the skin, analogous to the smallpox scars. Its origin is not known with certainty; but in several cases have been observed in gastrointestinal disorders and alcoholism. Rosy acne is characterized in a simple circulatory disorder of the skin.

It occurs generally in the face, preferably in the nose, extending to the cheeks and forehead. Observed in individuals of middle age, with more frequency in men than in women. First appears a reddish color at a point of the nose, after meals, or of exciting beverage intakes. That reddish color gradually becomes permanent, the veins of the skin dilate and Granites, appear in several points are thickened skin. It will gradually extending to the cheek and forehead. The causes include: abuse of alcoholic beverages, eating disorders. Acne Vulgaris, occurs frequently in young children; they are grains swollen which transform is pustules. These pustules are opened or are dried either natural or artificial. Depending on the intensity of the surface of the fabric, the scar is higher or lower. The attacked area is the face, forehead and nose. The causes of grains or postulas of acne may be the existence of bacteria in the follicles. Section health find as remove acne permanently naturally and forever; In addition to other quality proven in different items sections: Entertainment, computing, sports, painting, and more.