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Romero said that the minister will not tied to these authorities, awaiting the formation of the Autonomous Council. Born in Madrid on May 15, 1955, in a family farmaceutica. Is of Aragonese. Bachelor of Medicine, abandoning his work as a doctor, who practiced in the town of Buitrago del Lozoya, to engage the world of entertainment.
Early in his musical career he played with his group and later Paracelsus comico-musical shows was next to the pianist Angel Munoz Alonso, nicknamed the Reverend Teacher.
He has been a presenter of several television programs such as Silence is played (1981), Jose Maria Fraguas, Night Moves (1992) and the worst program of the week (1993), directed by David Trueba and El Gran Wyoming. Spanish Television (TVE) suspended the broadcast of the program the same day he was going to be interviewed Catalan writer Quim Monzo, for fear that making offensive jokes about the royal family. The program was broadcast live, therefore, could not be done. There has been speculation about the contents of that interview as a reason for the suspension, but the fact is that the interview was not carried out. In 1996 came the television, but this time the private channel Telecinco, showing the Spanish version of the program Argentine Caiga Who Caiga (Spain CQC). For seven seasons he was one of the success of the chain, won thirty awards, such as waves or TP Gold One of the pillars of Caiga Caiga Who was the political satire in general and the government of Jose Maria Aznar in particular. According to him, this came into the village, this time CQC, arguing that Telecinco cancel low profitability.
Progressive trend, El Gran Wyoming was one of the promoters of political demonstrations against the People’s Party during his second term and directed the second segment of the Dead film collective complaint is why.
In 2004 a new program premiere in Spanish Television, The roof of Wyoming, just assuming a big failure. After several changes and shares screen time that came to 6 , TVE decided to remove the roof of your grill.
In May 2007 debut in La Sexta his first own documentary work, “The Severe hurts,” a report by medical report on alleged irregularities in the Hospital Severo Ochoa Leganes.
Currently presented in The Sixth Night The Intermediate program, which performs a satirical commentary on the present day.