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Simple Carburetor Tuning China

How do you want to own a Chinese chetyrehtaktnik go faster, the dynamics that dray was ….. ah …. okay it's dream-))) turn to reality, not an open secret that the dynamics of China's fifty-kopeck piece almost any kind, all blame 'Dumb' variator and 4T engine, with which I basically agree, but let's take the average Japanese 2T model. The dynamics of a good set a maximum speed of 60-70 km / h fast, but if the deep drop in the device 2T and 4T, the torque on a 4T more range and at a set 60-65 km / h is an enviable stock pens of the gas that is not true of the Japanese there 2T range torque low, and the maximum speed, too. So in this sorted out we will go further.

We are faced with but the only problem is how to dial this speed faster, but you can vpulit lot of money on Malossi and Pauline, but will be mentioned here how to get rid small means and get the same effect. The first thing I noticed is fuel system, but rather the carburetor. Personally, I've got it costs the company Walbro I think that most, too. In this article, I make out how to modify the Vacuum chamber Walbro carburetor and the like 1. The first thing we need to do is to remove Vacuum chamber cover itself, you just need to unscrew the two screws.

Caution before removing the lid to clean the surface from dirt and dust. 2. If you flip the lid you will see a plastic rod in the middle of the lid, it's us and needed. Now I tell myself the idea of tuning. At the start of the set speed and the pressure difference is created in the diffuser, and a vacuum chamber, the needle begins to rise and flow is a mixture. So if you pay attention to the very needle go to top of the plastic cylinder and a spring. The needle picks up climbing up a plastic cylinder and compresses the spring, with the greatest release of the needle cylinder rests on a plastic rod cover, which does not give rise above then I thought you already knew what to do if there is no need to cut down then say 5mm shaft, thus allowing for high speed needle to rise above. WARNING cut the stem to do very carefully so that it does not break at all. Plastic cover with lid shaft Tyuningovanaya Vacuum chamber