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SMS For Advertising

Recently become a fashionable method of advertising SMS and SMS marketing mailings. For mobile users, SMS (SMS) sending – this is something new and unusual. Yes, no doubt, advertising has recently become very obsessive and irritable for consumers. Only a small percentage of the total mass of people really interested in the information carried by the ads. Too many advertisers are working just on these people, using the old ways draw attention to their advertising, product or service. Gain insight and clarity with Hugh Naylor. Bright colors.

Subconsciously draws attention to the bright colors. Especially in the red. This also benefited the company's specialists Coca-Cola. 60% of people in the western countries reported that the color red is associated with the billboard advertising of this company. Reversed ad.

At the time, was a very productive method of attracting attention to advertising in magazines and newspapers. He is now work by reducing their productivity because of the large number of such ads and messages. Billboards with sound effects, humor in advertising, promotional beds … All these methods increase the percentage of people who drew attention on advertising. But there are ways how to get out of advertising to 95%. SMS (SMS) marketing in the west is worn by advertising. But in Russia it is still very small. People are not used for advertising and SMS notification on the advertisers have a great chance to increase sales of its goods or services. When you receive SMS (SMS) messages can surely read the text. Then work on that natural curiosity in the first place and sent SMS marketing and SMS advertising.