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South Africa

There are two examples of economic development in the region: Taiwan and Korea in the South and two cities (Hong Kong and Singapore) States, all known at the time as the Asian tigers or Nic s (Newly Industrialized Nations), today with a very moderate growth or stagnation, but which retain the achieved bonanza. Appeared called Jaguars, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Viet Nam, with an important economic development in Southeast Asia. What we mean is including China, of course – as the Asia-Pacific region has become a crucial relief where there is an old inheritance by resolve: the inter-Korean crisis. Face the complexity of the emerging world, and while born a supranational power, are witnessing a multilateralism that neither can nor should be defined as multipolarity. Half of the economic growth of recent years occurred in the so-called emerging countries and developing. Consequently there is a shift, and we could even say democratization of world power.

Even so, there are poor countries with low per capita income and low rates of development, in total some 25 countries which can be categorized as extremely poor. The figures are contrasting in this rearrangement. For example, 37 by the World Trade Center is in developing countries. Same countries inside growing inequality, although poverty figures decrease. We want to indicate the depth and speed of the changes. A particular example of emerging country case is South Africa, to the point of adding the letter S to old BRIC to become BRICS. The presence of this country occur in Beijing the first quarter of 2011. It is obvious, however, that there is not even a system of global governance and that changes in international to global institutions are retarding alarmingly. There is no taxation for global problems with sufficient authority to make a convincing course, including a fundamental issue of our time, human migrations. original author and source of the article.