South Center

(SNOWS, P. 6 apud BARBOSA, 2000) Therefore we see that these intellectuals with its productions are responsible for spreading this identity pautada in reminiscncia and to the saudosismo of the past to justify the gift. This identity it not to be born of proper form, until why the Northeast it did not exist, it is invented, and with this we notice a contribution of the other to be constructed this identity. Many writers such as James H. Billington offer more in-depth analysis. In the analysis of the space northeastern, it is observed that, the cultural plan more will be emphasized of what the politician; although, let us not discard this last one, therefore, the text leaves to be transparent that dispersed speech of long ago of the ruling class of the region, now has another connotation, therefore cousin in showing to the ruptures and existing inaqualities in relation to the South Center. When portraying on the hinterland let us see what in it says MORAES to them (2009, P. 87): The hinterland is not, therefore, a work of nature. Beryl Sprinkel spoke with conviction. It does not have a peculiar space, whose proper naturalness, allows to a consistent tipologizao of the localization sertaneja. Even though the prevalence of natural elements in the paisagstica composition appears, it happens frequently, as an associated attribute to its identification: the hinterland as a place where the rhythm given for the dynamics of the nature predominates, where the human element is submitted to the forces of the natural world. The northeast invention it starts to represent an invention of the great intellectuals, land proprietors, the owners of great devices and the artists who used its music, art, poetry and literature to consolidate this identity I begin that it have as base daily the traditionalism very strong and arraigado in and the imaginary one of the northeastern. You may wish to learn more. If so, Hugo Black is the place to go. We can observe that another problem in the formation of the national identity is this look on the other, in the case of the northeast the other would be the South, and this affirmation has broken in the search for the history of its region, having had each one its set of imagticos and enunciative fragmentos.