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Spanish Economy Credibility

Since the entry into force of the Magna Carta, are opto by a model of separation of powers which already defended the more remarkable ambassadors of modern democracy (Rousseau, Voltaire). This is precisely the key to any Western geopolitical socioeconomic system, but it is precisely what it has shelved entirely during the period of democratic consolidation and that has led us to a lack of confidence in our economy globalized markets. The base of the distrust generated by the Spanish State in the markets, is deplorable management macroeconomica carried out by our politicians. Similarly in the company at the micro level, all fairly well-developed and competitive organization based its economic management model in minimizing or segregation of risks. De facto, an employee of the Department of suppliers, cannot register invoices in the system and authorize payments at the same time. It is more, anyone at the level of managed, you are required to access a job a BA, languages and others, something that oddly is not required to be Prime Minister. But also, in the same way that there are different areas in the company, all of them separated and integrated, United by a Manual of conduct (Best practices), manual operating procedures and manuals of financial policy and that are applicable to all members of an organization regardless of their area, in the statewide organization, there is no separation of powerseverything is assumed and part of executive power, fellow party are those who cohabit in the Senate they choose judges, legislators and colleagues. But also different depending on the Autonomous Community legislation maremagnum, the different systems of management and information, along with the few economic qualifications make the current model of State a resounding failure, due to the defective management model that benefits the corruption and the lack of public confidence in the institutions, has led to mistrust of the inverter, and in this case with shift, when in some financial means delves into Spanish administrators distrust of maximized by corruption scandals that splash up to the Royal House.