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/It is a plain of 82,000 hectares that has become an attraction for many tourists who look for the essence of the country. Riders dressed in traditional suits, cars thrown by native oxen and a landscape without elevations that are lost in the horizon Between lagoons, can see wild bisons, asses and eagles. Hungary is not a habitual destiny of the Spanish tourism beyond classic tour that unites the Prague and Budapest. But the country to magiar hides many treasures, some in its nature. His more appraised treasure it is the National Park of Hortobgy (Hortobgyi Nemzeti Park), the great plain of Hungary. One is greatest about the national parks of Hungr to, with an extension of 82,000 hectares. The park, that was created the 1 of January of 1973, comprises from 1999 of the World-wide Patrimony of UNESCO.

He is ' Puszta' , the great Hungarian plain of almost infinite landscapes, with Hortobgy like central locality, that has become an increasing attraction for many tourists who look for the essence of the country, tranquillity and the proximity of the nature. The Hortobgy, the central zone of the great plain, conserves until today for the tourists all romantic of the life the farmer of the previous centuries, with its shepherds, native dresses, buildings and animal. Herds of szrkemerha Riders dressed in traditional suits, cars thrown by szrkemerha (a race of native cattle bovine) and a landscape without elevations that are lost in the horizon, are the most typical images of the region. &quot deserves a visit in the own Hortobgy; Bridge of nine huecos" , that stops the Hungarians is the most important symbol of the region. The foreign tourist it attracts to him plus the typical blue and black traditional dress, as well as by the acrobatic movements that the riders practice with their horses. Leaving the locality to the typical constructed cabins of roofing tile and the herds of szrkemarha can be contemplated, with their characteristic wide horns, taken care of by the shepherds, calls in Hungarian " gulys" , of where the name comes from the most famous plate to magiar, delicious estofado of meat ripened generously with pimentn.

One of the elements most characteristic of the landscape is the traditional wells with shadoot – that, making handle, it allows to extract water of about 7 or 9 meters of depth, and that also serve like direction indicators for the shepherds. Landscape and nature Beyond the folklore, the nature of ' Puszta'. Wild bisons, horses and asses, eagles, as well as other species that comprised of the fauna of the plain, reappeared in the region and with luck they can be contemplated in its natural environment. Until there were leonados vultures; twelve units that, before their extinction, arrived at Hortobgy of Spain, the northwest of Hortobgy, emphasize the Lagos artificial, that they offer a spectacular view of the birds that meet there to follow their itinerary in the direction adapted according to the station. The folklore and the nature of Hortobgy attract about 130,000 tourists to the year, in their majority Hungarian, Germans, Japanese, French and English, between many others. Source of the news: Discovering Hortobgy, the great plain of Hungary