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For example: any automation system, website, consulting and so on Error number two "I write everything, tell everyone!" Before you write your event announcement must specify the their target audience, narrowed it down to one person. When you apply all at once, when your potential client understands this – the desire to buy does not arise. We want, we need to feel that "This is exactly what I need! This is what I've been searching for! "You can not talk with his client, a tete-a-tete. And this function should perform your text. Since the call on behalf of his client, we can not at least because, for example, Sergeyev or Tatyanas among Your potential customers may not be so much You'll have to go to bag of tricks. To get started, decide to someone who generally is your target audience: housewives, senior executives, managers, miners Second pitch decide so, what is the age and sex of your audience. And then the most important thing: how earn, how to make a purchase decision than the interest that prevents them from sleeping at night, what their secret desires and where they spend his spare time. (After all it is useful to you in text) now reduce all the data in the image of an ideal prospective client. " But the key word here is not the word perfect, that is, someone with whom you would like to work, and those who in fact, have your client, the one with whom you have to work.