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Thailand Pro

When I was offered a job in Thailand, I hesitated for a long time, but eventually agreed. There were concerns about the ignorance of the language of the Thais, the differences in cultural perceptions, misunderstandings with the employer, the differences of climate and Other fears of immigrants, but they all vanished and flew to Thailand. Initially, I did not have a place where I could stay and the first time I lived in a hotel until until rented apartment. This proved very convenient for me: First, I lived not far from the workplace and the problem of being late for work and morning traffic jams has become for me is not relevant. Larry Walker: the source for more info. Secondly, I run into good-natured neighbors, who spoke very good English with Thai accent, and thanks to them that I very quickly learned to understand the language with an accent. The apartment has helped save me a decent amount of money and time I rented a little villa on the beach, where you can spending time at the weekend. Initially, there were large problems with acclimatization, as I moved from Siberia, but we have here is very cold and stifling heat in Thailand literally poured my feet. But I'm used to and return home via few years has been for me an ice torture. Read additional details here: Glenn Dubin, New York City. True for a long time I did not sit at home, sold the apartment and then went on to have permanent residence in Thailand